Raewyn Nafatali

Lead Systems Innovator

The Healthy Families Far North team is:

Shirleyanne Brown: Kaiwhakahaere-Manager

It is impossible to walk the streets of Te Taitokerau with Shirleyanne without being stopped by all and sundry. A woman of boundless energy, Shirleyanne’s background in public health and social development have cemented her as one of the key pou in the Healthy Families Far North team. Shirleyanne is known for her nocturnal tendencies as her most inspired ideas typically originate in the depths of the night when the rest of us are sleeping.

Erena Hodgkinson: Kaiwhakapā-Storyteller

Were Erena not the communications arm of the Healthy Families Far North team, she would be pursuing a career as a jazz singer. She brings a flair for doodling during important hui and a sense of humour that betrays a serious, analytical mind to the team. She is also vulnerable to outrageous suggestion as completing an individual Iron Maori triathlon in fancy dress was one of her highlights for 2016.

Manuera Riwai: Kaitūhono-Change Agent (Sports and Recreation)

There’s one in every class and Manuera is ours. Sports-mad, Manuera’s irresistible charm and penchant for adventure have placed him in good stead to work with recreational settings in the Healthy Families Far North team. He has also been known to belt out a classic Commodores or Earth, Wind and Fire tune on occasion, to devastating effect.

Merle Lambert: Kaitūhono-Change Agent (Workplace)

A steady and calming influence, Merle has made her long-awaited return to her Far North roots working in the realm of business and workplace settings. Merle would dearly love to spend more of her time feeding her wairua and engaging her senses by exploring the tracks of the winterless North.

Raewyn Nafatali: Kaitūhono-Change Agent (Education)

Raewyn has made the long trek from Dunedin to the Far North after many years away from her Ngataki roots. A mother of six, her background in mental health and a drive and passion for the wellbeing of her people has placed her in an ideal position to work with the ECE and education settings in the Healthy Families Far North team.


We work closely with our partners engaging with workplace settings so as to achieve our vision:

Ka puta noa te mauri Te Taitokerau – a healthy, thriving Far North

Northland Chamber of Commerce