Excitement for healthy eating builds in Kaitāia

Hui, laughter, honest conversation and some good kai have been the main ingredients in the Kai Town recipe for co-design.

The Kai Town project is an effort to find out what the people of Kaitāia want for their kai and what ways the Far North town coul be influenced to eat well. The team talked to people of different ages and backgrounds.  They have talked with tamariki, parents, student and community members including those that work in the food industry.

Healthy Families Lead Systems Innovator,  Raewyn Nafatali says, ‘Kai Town is a project aiming to find out ways to flood Kaitāia with an excitement for eating well. This is the community giving their stories and adding their flavour to the kaupapa.”

The conversations with this diverse range of people were both insightful and meaningfulKaitaia SignMereana 

A few things stood out for the team and that is that tamariki already know what healthy kai is, traditional roles of mum cooking the family meals has shifted and more fathers are cooking and there is an excitement around indigenous gathering practices.  Some even expressed how tikanga used around harvesting and gathering has changed, ““I like to share what I shoot, but some people don’t…those traditional practices are dying that’s for sure, man we need to teach the people” said one participant.

If there was any stand out information from the project it was a theme and opinion that resonated deeply with the healthy families team. And that was that good kai equals good kōrero.

The Kai Town project highlighted how healthy looks for this community and it’s hui, laughter, honest conversation and good food