The community came out in mass to the one year celebration of the community food cupboad at the Kaikohe Library yesterday. With over $200 worth of donations for giveaways and spot prizes the day was always going to bring smiles to the community.

Two years ago Healthy Families began working with the Kaikohe community to come up with ways and ideas to promote healthy eating in the area. From that a group now called Kai Konnect, a collaboration of people working to connect the community through food was


Kai Konnect member, Lee Mason says “there have been a lot of positive outcomes that have come from workjing with Raewyn and the Healthy Families Team.”

This group has been influencial in things like this whata kai. It is a kaupapa that aims at helping those less fortunate by making food available. The local library has been looking after this whata for the past year asnd they say there have been a lot of people using it as a place to share with the community as well as gather food.