High schoolers, youth workers, community members and our Healthy Families Far North team got together for a prototyping workshop. 

Team pulled together a day full of kai, questions and creativity. 

The team took the insights gathered from hui with a diverse range of people from across Kaitāia to pose some strong questions and see what creative solutions the prototype hui members could come up with. The questions included, how might we make aroha an important/main ingredient that supports whānau cooking together and how might we influence the Kaitāia food industry to provide a variety of healthy kai choices?

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This proved to produce some of the most creative, insightful and interesting solutions the team had ever seen and even challenged the system. Through a new perspective the team saw how changes like good music could possibly be the difference in ensuring aroha is an ingredient in good home cooking, some saw that gardens with fruit and vegetables as living medicines as a great way to prevent chronic illness, some even thought a protest was a neccesary measure in showing how important healthy options are for the people of Kaitāia. 

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 The team is taking the prototyping ideas and will carry on working with the community to see what they have in store and how they see their prototypes taking shape.