DATE: September, 04, 2019

Warming up Kaikohe one hot chocolate at a time

The winter months have brought with it colds, coughs, and Kai Konnect’s cups of chocolatey goodness.

Kai Konnect, a collaborative group of people, businesses and service providers who are passionate about kai and Kaikohe have been serving up hot chocolate every Wednesday to warm up the town’s youngest citizens. Completely funded by donations Kai Konnect believes that the Wednesday morning warm up is a testament to what communities can do when they pull together.

HOt Chocs

20 litres of milk, 100 cups, tons marshmallows and lots of aroha – the ingredients used to serve up a yummy cup of hot chocolate to the tamariki of Kaikohe.

Kai Konnect coordinator Lee Mason says it is a pleasure to be able to share aroha with the community, ‘Awesome to see a lot of tamariki were warm and looking forward to their hot chocolate particularly on cold and windy mornings.’

The hot chocolate stand will continue as long as donations continue.