Healthy Families Far North is excited to be working on Active Transport - a term not everyone maybe familiar with. We all do it, it’s when we use our body to get from one place to the other. For a lot of urban centres active transport focuses on foot paths and travel between work, school and home. Our team decided that the far north is so different and deserves some real insight gathering so we went out and got busy. 

Our team has been busy talking to people from all over the far north from teachers to politicians to small rural communities, our team has even been caught hanging out at the bike tracks. We found that in fact the far north is very different and exciting. We found that there are so many people that move about to engage in a range of activities from gathering kai and rongoā to going to neighbouring towns and communities.

One interesting point was that some feel unsafe traveling along state highways and being passed by traffic at speed while others had cut their own path through bush or paddled across the waterways to get to school. The variations have excited our team and who are now exploring what active transport looks like for whānau in our communities and where we can help people get active while staying safe.