Healthy Families Far North is one of 10 chosen communities around the country that are part of Healthy Family NZ – the Government’s flagship prevention platform – a key part of the Government’s wider approach to helping New Zealanders live healthy, active lives.

Healthy Families NZ is a move away from disconnected, short-term projects and programmes towards a more collaborative, whole of community approach to prevention.

It’s about bringing community leadership together to make changes to the systems that influence our everyday lives – systems like workplaces, the education system and community spaces.

The key outcomes sought by Healthy Families NZ are:

  • Making good food choices
  • Being physically active
  • Sustaining a healthy weight
  • Being smokefree
  • Moderating alcohol consumption

 More about the Healthy Families Far North structure [PDF, 1.2 MB]

We work closely with our Healthy Families NZ communities so as to achieve our vision:

Ka puta noa te mauri Te Taitokerau – a healthy, thriving Far North

Healthy Families NZ