Healthy Families Far North is a large-scale initiative that brings community leadership in the Far North District together in a united effort for better population health.

We aim to improve the health of our people – where we live, learn, work and play – in order to prevent chronic disease.

Our purpose is to challenge communities to think differently about the underlying causes of poor health, and to make changes – in our schools, workplaces, sports clubs, marae and other key community settings – that will help people make healthier choices.



Good health starts in the places where we spend our time, where we live our lives



Education settings are key influencers in the movement towards better population health



Healthy workplaces plus healthy people equal a healthy and robust business economy



We want to activate change in the places where we are most active

Healthy Families Far North is about championing holistic wellbeing where mind, body, spirit, relationships and environments exist in harmony. By acting together to achieve positive change, we can reach bigger populations and sustain a wider impact for our people.

If you want to join the Healthy Families Far North movement, contact us here.