Healthy Families Far North embarked on a year of change and transformation, building on the good foundational work initiated in previous years. This week the team took the opportunity to reconnect, realign purpose, celebrate, share learnings, and demonstrate the impact of our work in a mini-workshop held on-site.

Ko tōu ūpoko e titiro whakamua ana, ko ōu whakaaro e titiro whakamuri ana. Face the future, while observing the past

In preparation, the team was tasked to think about what we have been learning and what our impact has been over the year. Sharing less about what we have been doing – and more about:

  • What we have been learning
  • Whānau outcomes - what’s the evidence that tells us this has occurred 
  • What changes in the system have we noticed as a result?

Key themes have continued to surface but an essential strategic learning focus has been around ‘What it takes – the importance of a relational approach and bringing your whole selves to work.’

A relational approach – we have been learning that our connections and relationships are central to Healthy Families Far North ways of working. Having the door open from within makes the most significant difference, as it supports us to make an organisational-led change to help the community.

These whānau-like relationships allow intimate engagement with immediate outcomes such as, power-sharing, open, honest conversations, and community collaboration. However, the real value sits in the soft human-centred skill that embodies our kaimahi, such as:

  • Demonstrating genuine care and concern.
  • Having empathy for whānau and the system.
  • Being yourself.
  • Being inclusive and willing to operate at both a human and a professional level. 

Te Taitokerau geographically is vast, from Te Taitamawahine in the East to Te Taitamatāne in the west and all the communities in between. Building relationships within Far North communities based on trust, kindness and mutual understanding for a common outcome is how ‘Healthy Families Far North roll.’ We understand that demonstrating healthy effects in Te Taitokerau will take everything we have and more.

Puke hahaka te pae e kitea, maunga teitei te pae e kitea. 

Standing on a small hill, it is the near horizons seen. From the lofty mountains, the distant horizons are seen. 

The Healthy Families Far North team understand there is high accountability when you are Healthy Families kaimahi. As mana whenua there is a responsibility that doesn’t finish at the end of the day.

An essential part of Healthy Families Far North work in 2022 is to document and implement key themes of our strategic learnings, and these will support and inform the transformational social change practice needed for Tai Tokerau. Collectively, we continue to reimagine systems, work collaboratively, and focus on opportunities that enhance our whanau, iwi, and the communities we live, work and play in.

From our team to yours - kia tau ngā manaakitanga o te wā ki runga ki a koutou katoa. Meri Kirihimete me ngā mihi o te Nū Ia