Honoa ki uta, honoa ki tai
Honoa ki te wāhingaro
Kei ngaua ko Whiro
Ko te tupua – ākina, ākina
Ko Tawhaki a Hema te whauwhau
Pikitia a runga
Tāmaua, ki te mata o te tai, ki te ākauroa!

Kaumatua and kuia of Whangaroa have come together to share mātauranga from their upbringing, to better understand how we can support food security and resilience in the wider rohe.

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The kai wānanga was held as part of a project in collaboration with Whangaroa Health Services Trust (WHST), MahitahiŌnuku and Te Rūnanaga o Whaingaroa (TROW), to build a more food secure and resilient Whangaroa 

Memories were shared about the abundance of kai available to whānau growing up; Fishing once a month at night to collect just enough ika to share with the haukāinga; Sharing and receiving fresh fruit and vegetables from the different māra; Riding horses to the moana or ngahere to collect pipi, karahu watercress and parakipere – gathering kai directly from the source when and where needed. 

We recognise that our tupuna had incredible knowledge, values and practices that enabled them to be food secure and resilient, and our local kaumatua and kuia are holders to much of that knowledge.

Māori Systems Innovator Elizabeth Motu said understanding the lived experiences and knowledge of kaumatua and kuia is critical for future generations.

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“We are honoured to have had our kaumatua and kuia of Whangaroa join us for this wānanga, to share their knowledge and their experiences of kai from their childhood,” she said.

Getting insight into how they gathered kai, with whomwhat kai was available to them, when and where...these questions and answers have the potential to contribute to making the Whangaroa food system stronger, safer, and more resilient. 

As well as connecting with kaumatua and kuia, Healthy Families Far North have talked with whānau both living and growing in Whangaroa, to understand their unique perspectives and experiences on food security.

All of this knowledge together, will provide us with a way forward for tackling this complex challenge within Whangaroa.

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Healthy Families Far North will continue to work alongside kaumatua, whānau, local growers and the wider community to build a more food secure and resilient Whangaroa